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Real Estate development and Urbanism

Advice for companies in the Real Estate and Urbanism sector

At Manga Abogados Law Firm we know the problems that can stem from the property sector and we know how to stop them. Legal relationships with Town Halls, suppliers and customer relationship management are becoming more and more complicated  and require the time and attention of a professional.

The types of conflicts in Real Estate development and Urbanism have evolved and it requires prior and up to date experience and knowledge of this everyday practice to solve them.


We provide advice and services in the following areas:

  • Sector development and construction
  • Urban Planning management
  • Asset and Investment management


In order to get the most out of your time and increase your cost effectiveness, MANGA ABOGADOS provides the following services

  • Ongoing legal advice throughout the Real Estate development process
  • Explanation of complex private and public documents (new works, horizontal property,  sales contracts, compliance with consumer protection laws etc.)
  • Construction, Real Estate development and Exploitation of intellectual property taxation
  • Legal advice on land management proceedings (compensation board)
  • Adversarial proceedings
  • Negotiations (Buying land and settlement of disputes)
  • Investment design, acquisition of land and buildings
  • Legal advice on marketing with a particular emphasis on the rules of consumer
  • protection.
  • Renting and leasing management and finding contractual resolutions
  • Mediating conflicts to reach out of court settlements
  • Legal advice on Urban development


At Manga Abogados we know that for our clients, today’s preventative measures are tomorrow’s profitability

We also defend homeowner communities in claims for constructive defects and flaws.


Legal Advice for Town Halls


Manga Abogados offers legal support to medium and small sized local authorities giving them legal control of their planning.

Our offices offer an external consultancy service in the following areas,


  • Urban Development advice
  • Advice in urban development planning (monitoring private sector compensation) and acts
  • of city council intervention in matters of land use and building (license).
  • Representation and defense in contentious-administrative proceedings (judicial review)
  • Development of areas through enforcement and cooperation

Manga Abogados offer legal “outsourcing” which unites professionalism and experience with the flexibility offered by outsourcing .


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Here you will find a list of wide range of municipalities in different areas and  we have worked with and managed.