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THE FIRM Manga Abogados is a firm which specialises in Real Estate, Urbanism and Property law, finding innovative solutions for clients problems.

Email: despacho@manga-abogados.com

Telephone: (+34)915557586

Address: Calle Orense, nº 39, 3º B, Madrid (28020) (see map at the bottom of the page)



Manga Abogados Law firm is a firm of Professional legal services founded in 1988 which, from the beginning, has offered expertise advice in two areas.

  • Real estate development, Urbanism and environmental law provided for companies and local entities and,
  • Commercial and Company law, specifically regarding the liability of Administrators and social counselors. With regards to liability we also advise in Economic Criminal Law and Company Law area.

We have an extensive range of experience which allows us to provide a service of technical excellence. This provides our with clients legal certainty: responding to their needs.


We base our work on the five pillars

  • Specialisation: Solutions for problems which arise in Real Estate development and urban development can only be fixed with profound and up to date knowledge of the sector.
  • Prevention: Preventing a problem is much more profitable than fixing it.
  • Seeking solutions. At Manga Abogados Law firm we manage our own affairs, thus providing cost-effective, satisfactory and personalised solutions.
  • Team-work: Our clients have the advantage of having several lawyers working towards one goal: their interests, In such a complex sector, it is necessary to compliment each others skills in order to offer a full service  tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Quality of service: our aim is to provide an effective and efficient service based on the premise of continuous improvement.



  • Flexibility; because each company has its own way of working. We like to know the business background of out clients, in order to understand their needs and provide fast efficient and profitable creative solutions.
  • Personalised attention
  • A preliminary estimate, so that you know the services available and their prices.
  • Ongoing information; Fulfilling our promise of continuous information so that you know the status of your affairs and have the power to make decisions during the process.