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Prevention of environmental risks and Environmental auditing

Preventing environmental risks is essential for companies today.


Up until now it had been treated as a general responsibility, however the demand for specific legislation and its application has converted environmental law into a necessity for everyday companies.

For the right development of their businesses, companies need to have prior knowledge of environmental risks associated with specific activities in order to make thorough decisions. Through environmental legal audits, possible environmental risks associated with specific activities or projects are identified, thus avoiding possible liability, fines and activity suspension by the administration.

At Manga-Abogados we offer the following services and materials.

  • Compliance with the environment obligations
  • Compliance with environmental obligations
  • Contaminated land
  • Waste water spillage
  • Waste Management
  • Movement and environmental licenses
  • Collection and Disposal of waste water
  • Air emissions
  • Smells, noises and vibrations
  • Administrative and litigation proceedings (legal)
  • Disciplinary proceedings (administrative proceedings)
  • Administrative and Civil Liability


At Manga Abogados we advise companies to ensure that their activities are compatible with environmental standards.




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